pic: Platform Pile Up

Match 68 Great Lakes Regional.

The plan was for all three of the robots to end on the platform. Near the end of free for all 815 gave us a push up on the ramp. Some how we ended up on top of the Lexan Side, and some how we ended up like this. The only part of 815 touching the ramp is the corner of their tire.

Oh my gosh, I saw not only this one but a few similar ones. I just sat there wondering how on earth those machines all stayed in place…

How many points were scored for the ramp?

They got points for both robots that aren’t touching the floor. I was watching this but couldn’t get a good picture from the high seats. Definitely a nice move by 67, and a ludicrous display of teamwork. 862 was falling off the ramp, so 815 pushed them up, and then 67 just takes up the rear and pins them both up there. It was sweet to watch.

what happened to the 2 triplits? 67 was teamed with them. did they run out of replacement tracks?

I believe that this was still in qualification matches…

Both 815 and 862 got points for being on the ramp. It was quite hillarious to watch and it would have been hillarious if 815 didn’t get points becuase it wasn’t touching the ramp or carpet :yikes: .

that was so flippin great… kudos to pat, our driver… mucho cheering for that there!

This kind of match makes you glad that there’s no “support” rule this year, eh? :smiley:

I’m jealous of everyone who got to see this happen. that does look flippin’ sweet!

We recorded all of the big screen feed, I may get around to digitizing it sometime in the future.

I saw this from the mosh pit. It was crazy.

The plan was:
815 push 862 onto the ramp
815 go onto the ramp
67 go on the ramp or continue to fire if necessay, based on gameplay.

It didn’t go to plan.

Most exciting match of the day IMO, but maybe only because we were involved.

It was incredibly awesome. Definitely one to go down in the team history.

when i first saw this pic i thought the bots were still in motion but now i know time was up i am even more amazed

Close up of 862 on the Lexan from Driver Station

Diffrent angle photo posted by blaskay16