pic: Playing I Spy with 195


Can you find the ball?!

Yes. Directly above the guy with the safety glasses on top of his head instead of wearing them like they should be worn.


That is quite the impressive launch!

Also an interesting looking wheel setup.

I like how I had to raise my head up, and look down at my LCD monitor, to see the ball! something about contrast and viewing angle

Glad to see its finally working tom!

in the left guy’s belly? lol cool launch

Tom, you guys paint your practice bot!?

We don’t paint anything. It’s powder coated and anodized. But the answer is yes.
We send all of our parts for the practice and competition bot out in one batch.

Why the odd wheel placement?

Also, Tom… I thought you were on 125 at northeastern?

We were originally planning on using ball casters in the back, but opted to put another wheel module there instead in case we wanted to use a 6wd set up. We decided we wanted the back to break loose, so we substituted the omni for the caster. There are 2 wheels in the front because 1 simply cannot apply enough torque to the ground to get going without breaking friction.

And Adam, I am currently on a coop internship at Pratt & Whitney in CT, so I am close enough to home to work with 195. There is a big red 125 in my future, though.

that looks kick buttt…