pic: Playing With Camera Settings (Photoview 360)

I love the cameras in Photoview; once you get them set up they can make such amazing views.
Looks like a modern swerve design! Bevel-beside-wheel is very nice. You could try getting a view of a swerve drive laying on a table.

Unless my sense of scale is off, you’re powering your wheel rotation with a BAG motor?

Compared to the Versaplanetary next to it that’s what it looks like.

Looks like its the same drivetrain as in this thread.

Yeah, the cameras are awesome! Never thought photoview 360 could be so powerful. Just wish there was gpu rendering! Or even better, CUDA support!

Yup, a bag motor on a VP.


Since 2016 is up for students and this product is out with the software, I hope to see some teams using SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly BunkSpeed) if it is available to them. You can add motion to your renderings and make movies of your robots.

The level of rendering capability in this program is intense:

Here is a tutorial of a 69’ Camaro rendering if anyone wants to mess with it.

Wait, Bunkspeed comes with 2016?!?!? If this is true ill be going nutz!! :ahh:

No more cpu rendering!!

Based on the part number it looks like the bevel gears are Nylon.
Is this true?

I assume that Visualize will not be standard with the Student Edition. (Then again this was a few months ago when I talked to a rep about it.)

I just downloaded from here: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/products/visualization/visualize-product-download.htm
I am checking out the Trial right now, but you might be able to get a student license for the team.

Yup. Money is tight for us right now, especially since the Michigan state grant went from $5000 (or $9000, cant remember lol) to $1000. Its a fiberglass filled nylon resin, so it should be good enough for our purposes (offseason experiment/40lbs testbench)

Worth a try… cpu renders take too long :frowning:

I believe the standard Student licenses distributed for FIRST teams do not automatically come with the Visualize software. The standard Solidworks rendering software (basically a copy of 15’s rendering software) is standard, but you should be able to get the Visualize add-on with your student license by contacting Solidworks I think. I found out not too long ago that not all Student licenses are created equal, and exactly how much of the software the license through FIRST accesses has changed throughout my years using it.

Interesting… maybe they can hook us up with something.

Visualize is not giving me as much improvement as I had hoped. It appears to be taking about 20 minutes to do a ~6k render of one of my swerve drives, given 16gb RAM, an i7 6th gen processor, and a Nvidia M5000M gpu. For me, Photoview usually only runs slightly slower.
I’ll post a tentative picture once it is done.

Did you try adjusting the tile size? As you probably know, GPUs are more efficient at rendering more pixels at a time because of the thousands of cores that they may have. From my experience with Blender, 512x512 tiles work best (at least with my 970m).

I am looking into this now to see if I can get Visualize on a student license since it did NOT come with our 2016 software key. If it will let you use a seat of Visualize Boost then these renderings will allow you to use multiple machines to render an image making it much faster.