pic: please help us please mortals


Actually this is a cut out picture of some other one we saved off this site and are totally lost until we find out what this one piece is. You'll have to zoom a little bit to see it, but if anyone can even guess at what it is, please let us know. Thank you all.

Looks like it could be an inline fuse holder. The rest of the pic would help. Btw exactly what is the story behind all this?

I went and found the picture and I think it is the stud that came in the kit but I don’t remeber getting one in our kit.

I agree with Rickertsen2 - Looks like it could be an inline fuse holder.

It very well could be an inline fuse holder, but it also could just be a junction/splice of 3 lines of the 10AWG. It appears that there is one line going to the main breaker and then it juncitons to three others at the center of the picture. These wires should all go to either 40amp breakers, or to the fuse block so it would kind of be pointless for it to be an inline fuse.


It is the battery disconnects with heat shrink around them :yikes: