pic: Please only one tag on bagged robot

I don’t know which team dd this and I wouldn’t post it even if I knew.

Whoever it is their number starts with “40”, and they use 80/20. :smiley:

Trinity? Say it’s Trinity!!! :smiley:

They put too many tags on their robot. That’s why they’re not competing this year! :rolleyes:

How I miss their “Holey” presence.

“Interesting” choice there. On the other hand, they seem to have only used one bag, so at least there’s that.

I sure there isn’t 1 robot per tag in that bag.

At least they did them in parallel, instead of tying them together in serial and wrapping them around the entire robot perimeter.

We had another team use all four of the tags. They used them through the bag around different parts of their robot to hold the bag in place.