pic: PNW Auburn District Event - Winning Alliance

This is the winning alliance from Auburn (Week 5). IRS was very happy working with 1983 and 4060. Our almost perfect streak was a great way to finish our final District Event. We can’t wait to see everyone at the District Championship.

More photos from the event will be posted on the official FIRSTWA Media Crew Flickr page. Follow them on Flickr @ FIRST Washington | Flickr

SWAG played some great defense and I’m surprised they were still around to be picked. It was cool to see IRS and the Skunks on the same side of the field in elims. Every time we’ve played together, we’ve won. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your work again this weekend Nikki, you got some great footage. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of your team at District Champs!

Great job guys! Those final matches were some of the best all day!
Pleasure to take compete against you guys:)