pic: PNW - Semifinal 2.4 - Oops.

The fourth match in the series ended our chance at taking home a banner at the Pacific Northwest Regional, but we’re looking forward to competing soon in San Jose, CA.

I’m not sure how this happened, honestly, except to say that it’s nice to know that our lifts could lift two robots each if they needed to – even if there’s not enough room for it :slight_smile:

I remember watching that from about 20 feet away, and it was quite a sight to see. Your ramps worked flawlessly after some tuning. Mad props!

When that happened all i could think was what was 1318 doing? he pushed your other robot right off what happened?

Probably the excitement of the match, I doubt they did it on purpose.

Ya but it was a really strange move cause they tried to drive up the ramp the other bot was on instead of going around and when they went around it was to late

I have to give it up for you guy… you bot was amazing, i have to say i was disapointed to not be on you alliance to try for the finals :wink: .

Good Luck in san jose.

-Dave McLaughlin, 1983 Driver

That was a definite nailbiter from our side, great job guys, you played hard and fought viciously. Your alliance was a tough one to beat with your (I guess i have to say ‘nearly’ because of this picture) failsafe lifts. Thanks for the stiff competition!

This has got to be the most embarrassing moment of my FIRST experience (and I’ve had some pretty embarrassing ones). I’m the driver of questionable intelligence in purple who apparently went dyslexic in the last 5 seconds of the match… I had just disengaged 1540 on the right side of our homezone (keeping them from interfering with the lifting process, although in hindsight I could have pulled out of that significantly earlier) and didn’t really have time to make it back to the empty ramp anyway, but in my haste to pull away I looped around and hit 1595 which was already on the ramp being lifted instead of simply untangling myself from the whole mess.

The one small consolation I have for this complete driving failure is the fact that the final score was 32-0, so unless I was able to miraculously make it to the opposite side of 488 and get seated correctly enough on the ramp for them to initiate the lift in the last few seconds of the match, we would have lost even without my interference.

Oh wow. I just remember Jake (my brother) throwing the one ringer of this match on. If you guys had lifted one and his ringer had won it, i would have gone insane. Oh wow. Great match, guys, It was well fought. Portland was a blast this year. Xbot, you guys were awesome (You might remember me, Im from 948 and was wearing a cowboy hat)

Thanks! The release mechanism was a bit tempermental for awhile, but we think we’ve successfully beaten it into submission. We’ll know for sure next week. We’re also making some changes to the back stop that’ll give teams a more rigid target to hit with their machines so they don’t roll off the front anymore.

Good luck in Las Vegas. You guys put together a great machine and I think the practice you had in Portland is going to help you do great there.

We had you on our list of potential alliance partners; we thought you’d do great a defense, but your machine was scoring with the best of them during those elimination rounds.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I hope that everyone in the audience was happy with show. Also, thanks for jumping in after that second match and pointing out to the refs and field crew that it was a tie. That was a fantastically nice thing to do.

No worries – for our part, we got back in the end zone and dropped our lifts really late in the game. You drove very well throughout and did a fantastic job playing defense against some of the best machines at the event. You should be proud of how well you did; not embarrassed at all.