pic: Police Segway in Mexico City

The best test of my progress after a month-long intensive Spanish course in Mexico?

Convincing a police officer IN SPANISH to let me get a picture on his Segway while in Mexico City.

Awesome! Are you enjoying the immersion in Mexico? What is most difficult? What is most fun? When do you return home?

¡Muy bueno! Un gran realización. Pero, me pregunto si es legal que un policía permita un civil a montar su vehículo (en este caso, su Segway). Estás disfrutando su tiempo en México?

Very good! A great accomplishment. But, I wonder if it’s legal for the policeman to let a civilian to ride his vehicle (in this case, a Segway). Are you enjoying your time in Mexico?

man i wonder if NYC will replace the cops on horses with cops on Segways??? …least the segway doesnt crap everywhere.

I was laughing so hard when I heard this.

I saw this post about 4 hours ago, and just an hour ago my dad told me he saw a municipality inspector giving parking tickets, on a segway!, just this morning.

What a coincidence. :smiley:

That’s gonna’ be awesome, a segway squadron of the Police Department. Now, there’s a reason to volunteer. :cool:

I initially decided to ask if I could take a photo of me on it, and he said no. I explained I figured no, but that I might as well ask. I mentioned that it probably was pretty much the same thing as asking to drive his police car.

We were all set up to take a picture of me next to him while he was riding it when his partner said Sube lo! Sube lo!. (“Get up! Get up!”)

The first officer (thankfully) agreed.

I’m no longer in Mexico, as NYC schools start next week, and teachers are reporting this week. I spent a month at La Universidad Internacional (http://www.universidad.uninter.edu.mx), and it was a phenomenal program. I strongly recommend it to anyone.

I’ve heard of some police units using segways elsewhere. Mainly with SWAT teams and hazmat, so people can get into and out of a situation rather quickly plus a segway can carry more equipment.

WOW! That is so awesome. And it seems like you had a great time too. :slight_smile:

How’s the water?

Wow… that’s some awesome spanish skills there… the fast-talk is probably the epitomy of any language’s difficulty. :rolleyes:

It looks like that segway’s been through a war… the paint’s all scraped off and such… guess it’s a pursuit vehicle. :]

Hope you enjoyed mexico and have a productive year back in NYC,


And a day later, the local news are reporting about it:


For the first time in Israel: Ra’anana City Inspectors will patrol the city’s streets on a Segway - an electric and enviormental-friendly vehicle

The Municipality of Ra’anana continues to act for enviormental protection. In these days, Ra’anana has turned into the first municipality in Israel to use the electric-powered Segway: The two-wheeled vehicle is used by the City Inspectors that enforce the parking rules in the city’s main park and main street.

As part of the Cooperation made with UMT (previously known as Segway Israel), it has been decided to conduct a pilot in Ra’anana, in which the first two-wheeled vehicle will be used by the city inspectors.

The Segway is an electric two-wheeled vehicle that is used for driving on sidewalks at a speed of 13 Km/h. Driving the Segway is permited for those above the age of 16 and requires the driver to wear a saftey helmet and have a saftey insurance with him.

The Municipality of Ra’anana has decided to use the Segway due to the fact that it is a green(enviormental-friendly) electric vehicle that is powered by a battery that can work for 8 hours. Alongside these qualities, the Segway provides mobility, accessablity and saftey while driving at low speeds.

Ra’anana has also purchased an electric mini-bike powered by a 9 hour battery. The mini-bike will be used by the City Inspectors.

Ra’anana is the home city of FRC Team 1577 - Steampunks from Aviv High School.

Better enjoy it now cause NYPD doesn’t let anyone touch their property :p. You should see how careful I am when getting near their patrol car to ask a question :P.

NYPD has got a couple now but you don’t seem that often, they’re mainly in Manhattan where it’s difficult to get around even by horse.