pic: Ponder This


As you can see our team completely abandoned the K.I.S.S. method.

wow…is this done in 3d studio max? if so, VERY impressive…care to elaborate at all?? does that arm have enough reach also???

It looks like it can also hold tetras on the sides of the robot… or are those weight distribution/anti fall over devices? All in all, that design looks great! :slight_smile: You guys also took the time to put a pivot device on the arm! Must be a challenge for you guys to program :stuck_out_tongue: … I hope you get it to work! That would be awesome!

:eek: Whoah! I took a closer look at that arm! That looks complicated! Awesome!

the base reminds me of wildstang 2003 with the crab drive and raising lowering wedges…add to that a crazy arm…wow…

I made it in 3dsmax. Just simple geometry + default gray material + white box as floor + one skylight with shadow on. Default scanline renderer and you get beautifulness!

This picture was just our new animation team fooling around. Not our design, just some students having fun.

Aw, that would have been a cool design though, but I see that the arm may be a little difficult to do, even for engineers… Great rendering though! I love the concept!
Now you made me curious at how to get an arm like that to work…

Well there are a lot of difficulties with this design, the four blocks in the corners are for crab steering which would be impossible to program especially for a team with limited programming resources. Another is weight, looking at that picture it would be way over weight. Then comes the length of the arm, the max reach for this design as it is would be about 8ft straight up, which would be much less at capping height. There is also a few redundant things like why is there crab steering and a turret arm, wouldn’t one be sufficient.

Also, this is not a tetra spitter. :D:D:D:D and we just might have gotten one

That also gets me thinking. I have ideas, but I’ll have to think about them even more.

Yeah, we have considered crabbing a few times, but discarded the idea, considering that it takes a ton of programming, a ton of materials, and a ton of weight… But crabbing would be an advantage at getting tetras faster and more efficient… I have been told that the 2003 WildStang championship winner robot had crab steering (havent been there to see it but i’ve heard well about it)… There’s something to consider… But there are always risks to take when encountering new things like crabbing. The turret arm, however is a pretty neat idea.