pic: Poof Ball Fusion!

We left our hopper filled with balls over July in our mentor’s classroom. Evidently, heat and Poof doesn’t work out too hot! Most of the balls had fused into this mass, and they had even melted and partially fused to the lexan hopper! Surprisingly, a good whack off the ground seperated them without incident.

After IRI, we discovered that our poofs had stuck together the same way!
However, we packed ours in a 2003 crate and they suck together in a 3 by 2 by 2 high cubish mass. We were very amused with it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just when I thought no one would ever beat Jeff’s poof holding record … And you managed to come close to it with just two hands. This gives me ideas… Our facility always stays nice and hot in the summer…

WOW those were actually new poof balls when we went to CELEBRATE ERIE, now they all look like they went through a meat grinder. O well nothing looks new forever, And i still can’t believe that they did that from just sitting in the hopper in front of the window.

Haha, can you imagine one of those ball pits in say, a McDonald’s playplace, filled with Poofs, and left for a while in the sun and heat? Then go and try to pick one up. You’d probably have at least 30 stuck together, if not more!