pic: Portable Power Pack for Operator Interface

If you want to have a portable Operator Interface download this whitepaper.


I hope you enjoy being cordless…

Courtesy of the TIGERTRONS 222

Many Many teams including the vets have tried to make their sticks wirelessly powered. This example of how to do it is one of the best and simple ways I have ever seen. I wish I woulda did this 2+ years ago when I had visited the Mayor with the Team and Robot…=) who says you need a power adapter when you could go get 3 9v and wire them together. … The 9 volts are they series or parrallel wired.

**They are in parallel. **

A series connection would result in 27 volts :ahh: Say goodbye to your OI.

See the white paper for directions


I built one with 3 9volts, but it drained too fast for my liking, so then I built one with 6 D cells. I’ve had it for a few months now, and I’ve never replaced the batteries. Works great.

We just used the 14 lb robot battery! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: (fused of course :slight_smile: ) I don’t think we’ve EVER had to charge it. :cool: Have had a couple fuses blow for some odd reason though.

May I reccamend a Rechargeable set of 6 AA batteries with a 6 cell holder (available at Radio Shack or Digikey), wired the same but uses only one 9 Volt clip. that way you could use a charger to charge the individual AA batteries and use then elsewhere and they’ll typically last much longer than the 9 Volt. but less weight compared to 6 D size.

Why not use a RC car rechargeable bat? (besides $$)

About how long do the three nine volt batteries last? I know it depends on how many joysticks and and other controls you have for the OI but I’m only looking for a rough idea.

rc cars are usually 6cell 7.2v and some are 7cell 8.4v. next would be 8cell 9.6v… would that be ok for the oi? how picky is it? since we only have one oi, id rather not test it… and anyways, rc car batteries are normally made to rush all the juice out quickly(=car runs faster but shorter time). such as some 3300mAh… dont know if the OI’ll suck it all that fast but you really dont need to spend your money on rc car batteries which will probably tend to cost more than rechargeable AA batteries. i think thats the way to go

I think we’ll do that for next year, and rig a stand on our 2002 robot and use that to carry out our 2005 bot instead of the human powered trolley… though… on second thought, best to stick with the trolley… I can just see our robot fall and go boom.

you’d prolly have to tether it anyways so you wouldnt need the porta-batterypack :smiley: no radio except on field right?

I’ll have to make one of these. Usually we just wire up one of the big batteries :eek: and carry it in a backpack. :smiley:

We find that we get about one and a half to about two hours on a pack. This is not really exact though being that we never timed a pack that was constantly on. We usually run the pack on and off. We never accually kept a pack on constantly from fresh to dead batteries.

this is not a bad estimation at all b/c right now its off season so some teams probably won;t run their robots unless its training or an off season competition. a rechargeable battery back is simple easy to build and quite convient as oppose to reminding everyone to bring the power pack for the OI. =) and for our next trick we shall take a 15 lb robot battery and shrink it to a convient 8 lbs =D one can only wish!!!

Have a great summer in making more useful projects for teams to use hrrmmmm speaking of projects I would like to update my FIRSTProjects website and include a link to the white paper for the battery pack for the OI…

Off to do that now !!!

(EDIT) ----- There we go All Updated…Finally Maybe when I get some time I’ll change the background to the website and add a few things. =) maybe like the 2005 calendar of holidays hrm so many sites to update so lil time :wink: