pic: Possible 2008 Game?


Taken at the National Air and Space Museum in DC, possible game for 2008 teams must work together to score, in this case team 612 gets points for getting a ball in 116’s innertube.

Now that would be an AWESOME game

i’d like it if the game designers saw this one :rolleyes:

i would guess there would be something like this year where teams got bonus points for lifting other robots

Smaller game pieces + goals onboard robots, thats my guess

we don’t have a picture of it, but at space day 612 was scoring ringers on 2068’s ramps. when they are folded up there are 2 legs sticking out, perfect places to score 2 ringers.

Awe man… not this again!

I told you! I want to SLEEP at night (for however long that is)…


yeah I would love to see something like this maybe there are multiple levels like a switchback version of stack attack and the robot with x number of balls in it’s goal at ground level gets X points but at the next level say 6in off the ground they are multiplied so many times

This would be really into the FIRST spirit if you think about it. Robots working together. Actually I was thinking, when do you think FIRST will do 4 team alliances? Its a thought.

Four robots would be very sweet however, it does present a serious problem. The field this year was very crowded…and somewhat undrivable (tubes EVERYWHERE). I would like it if they would expand the field a little bit. To give more open space for driving you know. Then there would be enough room for four robots.

Next years game should use all three FIRST shapes. Something like a combo of stack attack, triple play, and aim high. Three game pieces. Enough of a challenge I think.

I think it would be awesome if after the ‘goal bot’ was loaded up, it would have to lift the scored game pieces into the air - points for being taller than your opponent and points for achieving given heights (like the ramp bots of this year).

It would be sweet to have something like this, but have it like aim high. Only difference is that only one robot can actually score in the nets, and the other two have to load up that robot lol. that would be fun… but its getting away from teamwork… this looks neat though, I would have a lot of fun with this!!

not again with the inertubes and ramps not that this would be a problem for our ramp bot from this year