pic: Possible 2016 Field - Vectorized

I was tired of staring at a bunch of blown-up pixels, so I took dellagd’s perspective-corrected version of the blueprint, traced over it in Illustrator, and created this. Some liberties were taken; I reduced several hatched lines (the diagonals at the corners) to a single line to retain the sanity of the image. There were a couple of instances where I couldn’t tell if there was a line or a lighting effect, so those were omitted as well. I hope this helps with the dissection of the FIRST Stronghold teaser!

Any predictions on where the rubber aviary units will be?

It almost looks like a cross between sheet music and a mathematical formula.

I wonder if the p’s and b’s represent robot positions given that there are three of them.

Ok, those are snitches in the center.


Interesting how it has rotational symmetry.

Every field in recent years has had rotational symmetry (excepting Kinect stations in 2012).

If you count the circles with lines pointing to the shoes there are five of them… and possible the circle in the upper right without a line is the sixth. Don’t know why it wouldn’t have a line like the rest of them though…

Perhaps it’s a bit of a monkey wrench on this thread, but I suspect that these are supposed to be blueprints for Gripper (the robot), not the field.