pic: Possible 2016 field?

For some reason, it flipped, but could this be the 2016 field?

There definitely seems to be some symmetry if you were to fold it down the middle hamburger style. The sides are the exact same if viewed from one of the short ends or the other, causing it to look sort of like a field layout.

Yeah. I would be really surprised if the field doesn’t resemble the blueprint. That is just the kind of clue they would give us. It is so ambiguous that we can’t really prepare for it, but it allows us to speculate.

My opinion is that the two spirals on each side are robots and the lines coming out of them might be the autonomous driving paths. One is straight, one is squiggly, perhaps to show the differences in teams autonomous modes, perhaps different difficulty levels.

I think the third robot for each side is the spirals that are next to each other in the exact middle of the field. They might be on top of the castle or something. These robots might have a special role which would explain the alliance building references.

It kind of looks like there is a human figure at the end of the squiggly line. Maybe this is where the robots interact with the human.

I wonder how complicated this field is going to be. It might pose a problem for teams that build field elements. And how will we prepare for interactions with a field like that.

The one thing that stumps me is: why bumpers? If this is a representation of the field, it doesn’t look like there is much opportunity for interactions between alliances. The huge thing in the middle seems to separate both sides.

This is going to be awesome.

The blueprint was drawn by someone with the initials “bp”. See – they even had someone point to their initials to make sure you see it.

The centerpiece looks like overhead view of back-to-back toilet seats, flanked with PacMan ghosts, and looked at by a Picasso head holding a walking stick. But maybe I’m reading too much into it. :slight_smile:

Obviously, that’s the throne room.:smiley:

The spirals in the center, of the presumed field blueprint, seem to resemble Castle towers from a birds-eye perspective. The center third of the field looks to be raised, possibly a “hump” like in 2010. The offset potato looking shape could be a ground level passage, like the over or under concept from 2010. But I do think the game will be highly defensive dominated.

Most importantly, the straight lines look just like the field drawings from previous years. There looks like either safe or scoring zones on the sides inside the field, or human player zones outside the field.

The drawing is symmetrical based on a post in a different thread. It looks like there’s structures in the middle of each zone and another structure spanning the midline. What that midline structure represents is the key. Is it a scoring objective (e.g., filling it with game objects) or is it an obstruction (e.g., field barrier aka 2012 game)?

No it’s not symmetrical look more closely.