pic: Possible Board Design 1

Possible Board Design 1 for firstpg

Made by EHaskins

This violates the FIRST logo standards. Why not comply to said standards and just make it a square board (with slightly curved corners), and put the logo in large in the center with the grace space.

I am guessing this is for FIRSTopoly?

We know that, whatever design we choose, will be pending upon approval from first.

They also have to make sure that they don’t cut off the ® on the logo.

Imho, I don’t think any modified logo would get approval from FIRST.

Looks good I bet they’re still working out the fine details, it is posted as “possible board design 1” not “finally board design”

Even if there is more of them to come, this one is still in violation.

Ok, here’s an idea…keep it classic style.


Basically what I did was I got the logo from first, added two PX to the height and width, centered it and drew a one PX border, then i expanded the image to just a random dimension for the example, and drew in the rest of the border lines. I think it keeps the classic monopoly feel, with the FIRST logo within all rules, and it has a pretty-ish border.

Also, you might want to check with FIRST on the whole concept. I know if I had an organization and someone wanted to make a game that revolved around it, I wouldn’t be the happiest person around. Just my two cents.

My idea for this design was that it is changed enough to not infringe on any Hasbro/PB copyrights.

I don’t think Hasbro can copyright a square…

Your logo also violates the FLS by like 2 to 3 pixels on the side. I’m sure FIRST would let you slide 2 to 3 pixels on the grace space, I can post an image of how I test it if you would like. Not something to worry about, no one else will notice, but it bothered me…

I threw this together in a minute or two. But the concept when done correctly wont violate the rules. It was just an example. Its not that I don’t know my FIRST logo standards (I tend to actually inform people when they’re wrong) I was just in a rush. The way I did it shouldn’t of infringed on the logo rules but ok it did, have someone re-draw it correctly.

Wouldn’t need much changing, just move the left side over a few pixels and fill in the empty spaces.

I know I will get bad rep. for this, but I feel it needs to be said.

Look, sorry to be blunt here, but do we always have to be so anal retentive to the logo standards? I really think that FIRST just intended them as guidelines for teams so that their logo would not be abused. Same way in which the BSA copyright protects the scout uniform.

If FIRST was so restrictive and cautious about uses of it’s logo, wouldn’t it enforce the rules itself?

This dosn’t represent the opinions of my team, school, yada yada yada…

I believe FIRST trusts that based on gracious professionalism we we comply to the standards on our own free will. They should be fallowed when ever possible but it is not required under penalty of death. Yet with a project that you would want direct approval of FIRST you might want to comply to their rules before asking for their approval.

I also believe these standards are there in case FIRST is in a position when legal action must be taken if the logo is being used disrespectfully or illegally and the creator refuses to change it, they have the standards there set in stone.

Where would they find the manpower to do this?

It’s understood that the rules are there to be followed. This is the entire concept of gracious professionalism–just because a rule can be broken with nobody knowing doesn’t mean that it becomes OK, or you should do it.

its not FIRST that is being so picky, it is the government regulations regarding logos and trademarks.

A registered trademark is granted only on the exact copy that an organization submits on a form that says “THIS” is our logo or trademark.

The only thing you are allowed to alter on your registered trademark is the size and color variations (color / two tone / B&W…) to allow for printing technology variations.

If you think about this for a minute it will make sense. For example: for many years the trademark of Xerox was a stylized ‘X’. Xerox cannot own the letter X, only the exact font and proportions and style of the specific one they submitted artwork for. If this were not the case then either:

  1. you would not be able to use any english characters or words as a logo, because you would then own ALL variations of those characters or words or

  2. everyone would have to get permission from Xerox to use the letter X in any printed form (because they would own every possible variation of the letter X !)

For these reasons any official use of the FIRST logo must conform exactly to the artwork that FIRST has registered (and provided to teams on their websites). If someone else makes a logo or trademark that is similar (but not the same) then its up to a judge to decide if they are infringing on the registered trademark.

If an organization does not adhere to the exact artwork of their trademarks, allowing their own organization or others to use variations of it, then they will lose all rights to it.

Ok, So back to FIRSTopoly. If you extend the lines to where they would be legal, I think that the shape change would be pretty cool.

Please pardon me for being hasty, but I was wondering why some of the people are focusing on the making of a monopoly game for FIRST while there is THE original Monopoly game, and there are so many opportunities these people can use the time to focus on more higher priorities like website projects, team management preparation, community service, PROMOTE FIRST, and etc.

Come on guys! I am a mentor, and I have learned AND am still learning from the experience.

I suggests you not to sit around playing monopoly when you can play at a geek’s sleepover or a party anytime.

GO do something to make the difference! All of the people I have met who are the first generation of FIRST told me that they have done so many illegal moves OR new moves that caused FIRST to change or add its own rules! Make FIRST trip out and show the organization that you need more challenge or tell them to bring the ultimate in.

That was my RAWR RANT and thanks for your cooperation. :slight_smile:


1- seems to be a popular idea

2- puts programming skills to work

3- could be used as a fundraising tool for teams

You are better off getting more sponsors than doing fundraising. . .