pic: Possible Hint answer

This is an interpretation and only that, This could be what hint 1 could really be.

Interesting idea.

Ok. I don’t know if this has been said in the “Game Hint” thread… And frankly. I’m not going to go look through over 300 posts…

It could always be a shelf that we could place the game pieces on without knocking the piece off the back…

Random thought as I glanced at the picture.

Knowing FIRST it could be both for all we know. :confused:

If it is a goal all that tells us is that we are using balls again, which most of us could proboly guess we were going to do any ways.

Knowing FIRST this hint might be way more obscure then a game piece shelf :wink:

It’s a good idea to be thinking outside the box, which is what FIRST wants us to do. I would have never thought that this could be a shelf.

Alas, as we have said numerous times in not only this thread but in many other game threads, the clues that FIRST gives are so obscure that there is no telling what the game could be. Whilst I would love to know what the game is, I would not worry about it. We have less than a week. :wink:

I do like how you guys are thinking though. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

The only thing that would lead me to think that it wouldn’t be is the holes that are on the lexan. But who knows, I know that I don’t.