pic: Powder make a difference

Wow that is really pretty. Is the bot on the left your practice bot? I supposed 2x and hang? Am I right?

no those are two different teams taht worked togheter

No, that one on the left is the team 60 practice bot. Both 254 and 60 each have 2 robots, one for competition and one for practice.
None the less, an amazing robot, can’t wait to see them at nats.

4 of the same bots… they could play a regular match against themselves lol

That’s a really interesting idea. A great way to find good drivers, i imagine.

We hang from the ground, heard the small balls, tow the goal, knock off the 10 pt. balls, 2x Balls, climb the 6" stairs, and go at about 15fps.


that looks really cool. did u guys do the powder coat your selves? if so where did u get the equipment?

Ben Van Selous

that looks really cool. did u guys do the powder coat your selves? if so where did u get the equipment?

There are lots of places that you can pick them up. Harbor Freight has a do-it-yourself kit for about $70. If you are going to be doing small numbers of items (like, say, one or two robots per year, vs. hundreds of parts per month as a full-blown business), it is perfectly adequate. I am going to pick one up to play with for a summer project, and try a few experiments with it. Powder-coated pneumatics, anyone? :slight_smile:


p.s. one word of warning, for anyone considering a powder-coating-at-home kit - you will need an appropriate curing oven to complete the process. Note that an “appropriate curing oven” almost certainly DOES NOT mean the oven in your kitchen. Yes, you can do it there. However, if you try it then your parent/spouse will almost certainly communicate with you via “negative reinforcement” and let you know exactly how bad of an idea that was. Trust me on this one.

What do you look like when you hang? I can see how you grab the bar, but what joints do the heavy lifting, if you know what I mean? How do you keep from backdriving?

I vaguely recall a comment that you use your drive motors to hang so perhaps there is a cable that runs up the arm that powers those hooks?

I suppose that is where the smart money would place there bets, but I would still like confirmation.

Joe J.

Joe, there is a pic called “wall walkin” posted by 254 in the galleries that shows just what you want to see

We are using a PTO winch from the left side. The pics do not have the drum or cable.

Here are two views of our winch




Dave is right power coat can be done yourself, and I talked to my wife about using her over it didn’t go over well.

One of our sponsors (Brackett Aircraft) donates this service to us. They power coat the products they make, aircraft ground support equipment.

It is a relatively inexpensive process, there are two companies that do it in Kingman, a town of 35K population. The service is available all over. It is too late for this year but if you start looking now I’m sure you can find someone to donate it to you next year.

We will take a picture of our practice robot hanging this weekend and post it, so you will have a better idea of how it works. We do run a cable the length of the arm and hold it down with Velcro until it is time to winch up, as the cable takes up the slack it pulls away from the arm.

We can grab the bar with our hook from any position but our plan is to grab it from the floor.

We would sure like to see what Chief Delphi is doing how about posting some pictures.

Believe it or not, I have not seen a single picture of our robot. I am sure that someone has some somewhere, and we discussed posting some, but I can’t do it myself.

Our plan is to post them. We will do so as soon as possible.

I am dying to show off our rig, but it will have to wait for another day.

I will post a teaser I can do right now…

Joe J.

we’re waiting :wink:


our team is wonderin who is selling this “model” of robot, how much it costs, and if they can crate and ship it to our competition for us with the appropriate team colors and team #

(since it is such a popular design, it must be good!)