pic: Preschool + all nighter + Team 195 = ...

This is what happens when its 4 am ship day and our team is using a preschool to work on the robot. We had pulled an all nighter and were all pretty tired, so we took some time to pose with our robot :slight_smile:

THat’s really really really hot.

Obviously name off who’s who, though I think I recognize the beutiful Snipr22, Tom Bottiglieri, and Sscamatt in there.

Nice mailbox tom.

  • Genia

It would be (from left to right) Chris(me), Stephen, Tom(bottom), Joe, Josh, Matt, + Ben.

Equals… the Village People?

I guess they are teaching the kids who go to preschool there young…

This is the best robot unveiling pic ever. Kudos to 195. I don’t think that you will have a problem of being overlooked this year.

I gotta ask these questions, and give some advice, not that it is any of my business, but…

  1. Why are you building your robot in a pre-school?
  2. Guy on the left… is that a dress? Fabulous.
  3. Didn’t your mother tell you not to wear out your socks like that? sheesh! :slight_smile:
  4. Second guy on left - don’t go out in public like that. You and your pink hat need to stay indoors.
  5. Fireman behind robot - don’t fool us with those false safety glasses. Your appearance of safety is sending the wrong message to the little kiddies.
  6. Tom - your mailbox is full. What it is full of is not printable here.
  7. Mr. Valet - you are not getting my keys.
  8. Dude on right with yellow hat - you appear to be less brighter than the light next to you, and it is not on.
  9. Guy with yellow flower - Where did you get that play tree-house? My kids have been looking for that same house!

All of this reply is in jest, continuing with the silliness of this brilliant picture.

Way to go, 195.

Andy B.

I would like to note the time on the clock is 4:10am not the 4:00 previously stated. :stuck_out_tongue: and btw- that dress was very difficult to get on! :ahh:

I was behind the robot programming that camera, I think you all were a little hyper from the bawls and lack of sleep. =D

Team 195 - Putting the love back in Build.

I enjoy the post Mr. Baker, but I don’t see anything wrong with the pink hat, and I don’t think Kit Gerhart does either. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - I really like the picture.

lol! nice job guys. i hope you didn’t disturb any preschoolers =P

Why does almost EVERYONE have thier shoes off? Is that a rule in the pre-school building? Take your shoes off before you start building your robot? :wink:

Sweet pic.

Wow guys.

I dont know what else to say, except I think I have the same pink hat that Stephen is wearing from a dance recital from when I was 6. Stylin’!

Nice Job !

wow… thats about all I can say.

this is why i love 195, pink hats, dresses, no shoes and mailboxes…i expect nothing less of those boys

ah wow…
if only all teams could have that much fun building… ours was more like…
mentor: “that is no the issue here!”
me: “but the robot isn’t even wired yet and its 2 days before shipping!”
mentor: “still, that is no the issue!”

Wow I am glad I left that meeting early.

Wow, someone doesnt know how to have fun…

As for the lack of socks… someone took theirs off and we all followed suit.

What a great night, we were all surviving on Bawls, Mountain Dew, and Ramen.

And Easy mac :slight_smile:

aka, what a bunch of robotics kids do when they’re bored?