pic:Pretty Awesome Driverstation we built..... :3

We asked the guys to make the Driver Station amazing… Look what they came up with!
They named it the SwagMaster5000 :rolleyes:



Seriously though, that’s pretty nice. Alienware laptop?

What version is that? looks to be the 14" or 15" model?

Also, who is letting that be the driver station?!? I would never trust our drive team with my M17x! :eek:

Second, are the lights running independently of the laptop, or did you somehow get alienFX to control them as well?

DS techo-bling - love it!!

It looks like there’s some switches on the front that would control the lights. I really want this DS. Can you guys make me one?:smiley:

The laptop alone is probably the cost of a lot of team’s robots XP

It’s pretty cool and also pretty unnecessary…

How do your drivers feel about carrying it?

Is it more than 12" deep? I believe this year’s rules limits the depth of the operator console…

The rules simply state how deep the player station is at the alliance station.

From 2.2.9 The Player Stations

Attached to the Alliance Wall in each Player Station is an aluminum shelf to support the Operator Consoles for the FRC team in that Player Station. The support shelf measures at least 48 in. wide by 12 in. deep.

I was referring to R82:

The Operator Console must not exceed 44 in. long by 12 in. deep (excluding any items that are held or worn by the Drivers during the Match).

Am I interpreting this wrong?

You’re absolutely correct. That was purely my mistake.

I believe that that is an m11x. :smiley: