pic: Problem

let me guess you authenticated your windows 7 from your driver station.

What’s the problem? I see the Driver Station unhappy about the missing Stop Button, and you don’t have communication with a cRIO. Depending on whether those are actually connected or not, the screen looks reasonable to me.

I think the issue is that the Diagnostics tab indicates communication with the robot, while the status indication (by this, I mean “No Robot Communication”) indicates a lack of communication.

I’d be interested to know if this condition persisted and whether there actually was communication. My uneducated guess (I don’t know the details) is that it could ping the cRIO, but that full communication had not started yet.

That sounds reasonable to me. It could be a misconfiguration in the network settings between the cRIO and the driver station. The diagnostics tab is able to reach the cRIO via IP, but the status link is not getting a response from the TCP layer. Remember that a machine can be almost totally braindead and still respond to pings.

But I’m still rather new to networking.

The Windows firewall could let a ping succeed but block the DS-to-robot traffic.