pic: Programming prototyping board

This is version II of our prototyping board for the programming team. It is not complete as we intend to add a hex switch, toggle switchs, and a pot on the gold OI portion and then need to add the optical shaft encoder and a motor or two. We even joked today about adding on an pneunamatic elements board. Power to the entire system will be via 12 volt power supplies with it all being distributed via the bus board and a lighted on/off switch. Bruce Mather, of MTC technologies, created this based upon the initial student effort.

Do I spy a drill motor from way back when? :]

Looks like you all have everything you need in case of a rainy afternoon… :o

What kind of power supply are you using? Where are you getting one beefy (and back EMF immune) enough to run a few DC motors? :confused:


It’s been a few years since those were in use and we have a few spares in the shop via a FIRST clearance sale of sorts and this has that KOP plastic housing. I’m going to pass on your pwr supply question to our mentor who is purchasing them for this application.

Testing performed today indicates that the power supply pictured has enough amperage to run a Globe or Seat motor from years back but not enough for the Bosch drill motors. So either we add in a battery connector and lug around the lead acid cells or we switch out to the seat motor or FP:ahh:

Not sure if one sees back EMF through the victor speed controllers:confused: