pic: Progress on Team 842

Making progress. Time to push this last week as much as we can!

Looks a lot like the cannon bot from Catalyst 2013 (minus the jankity magic climber…)!

Does your robot have a manipulator to climb the pyramid with?

It’s funny you say minus the magic climber, from what I have seen from their
Google doc. If they pull it off it might appear to most people like a magic climber.

I’m so confused. Where’s the fiberglass?

No, I’m referring to the magic climber from Catalyst 2013. It attaches to the bottom bar of the pyramid and floats to the top, going through the second and third bars.

I don’t see a climbing mechanism on 842’s robot.

There will be a chain drive on both sides of the arm, shooter. There will be a set of hooks in reversing directions mounted on each chain. The plan is to drive up to the first bar and pull ourselves up while manipulating CG and positioning the second hook which is in reverse direction in position to use second bar to then pull us up by reversing the chain drive, releasing the first first hook on the first bar and then this repeats at the next level again while adjusting the cg of robot to get the first hook in position for the last bar and then reverse chain drive again releasing the second hook and rise up till clear and balance level to end up with max points. Hope it works. On paper it looks great…we will see if it is reality…

On hiatus! We finally have a mill and and a lathe and a kid that knows how to do each one as well as knowing how to cad… We can always go back, FB has been very good to us!

Thanks for your shooter! Its awesome!

Here is another view as of today:

very very cool!

I must admit that when I first saw your concept for climbing I picked my jaw up from the floor and said: “wow, no way they can make that work!” :rolleyes:

Seeing it now, I think I might need to buy a new hat! :slight_smile:

It looks amazing both in concept and implementation. I love how the rotating arm can be used both to aim the frisbees, get into/out-of starting configuration, gets you to the feeder slot, AND is integral to the climb. very impressive!

what motors are you going to use for the climb? (assuming the two CIM on the arm are for rotating the arm)

The only part we could not prototype was the climbing. Too much effort taken away from the rest of it. So we don’t know if it will work. Bit of a gamble really. Chose 2013 kit bot chassis, so we don’t waste time on chassis design. Oh and did I tell you we are building two. It will be really cool if it works, sad if if doesn’t. We got our fingers crossed!

The two mini-cims are actually for the climbing, geared to get about 2 linear ft/second out of the chain when under load. We are currently planning on two CIMs to drive the pivot joint. I haven’t decided yet if we are going way overkill on this or not…

My gut says you will need more torque to climb than to move the arm, but my gut is wrong a lot of the time.

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