pic: Progress So Far

Now that I write software for a living, my CAD skills were a little rusty. Hope to have everything done by the end of the week.

Lots missing, obviously. I still have a lot of modeling ahead of me.

This robot looks very much like what we plan. What are you using to relieve some of the stress on the motors for lifting that pivoting system? I’m assuming you’re going to have some scoring mechanism a the end of that, and we all know that heavy objects at the ends of levers can cause torque issues. It seems to me that you are using large torsion springs in the pivots, or am I seeing something else like a spool? I am curious as to how your team will make it easy on the motors. We plan on using gas springs.

Are those briefcase latches holding the bumpers in place?

Alas, those are not fancy torsion springs – they’re just a stack up of Vex Versahubs. I wasn’t comfortable transmitting the load across each arm using only 6 #8 bolts; I am considering using the versakeys in tandem with the bolts to help.

The arm is geared at ~650:1. I may include gas springs as an aid, but haven’t gotten that far along yet.

They’re similar, yes. They’re from McMaster-Carr.

The versahubs seem like a great idea. I’ll bring this up to my team. Thanks!

Are those torsion springs? What king of release mechanism are you guys using?