pic: Progress!

Working out a few kinks but we are getting there. Reveal video very very soon. I think it looks pretty good for a rookie bot just have to have it done for our practice match this Sunday.

Looks great! I love the look of the intake. This is basically what I first pictured when my team was discussing designs. Is this a low-goal machine, or is there a shooter packadged in that arm?

Great job and best of luck!

That is eerily similar to one of our designs. We called it “Triceratops” - I’m glad to see it made it to real life.

There is a shooter just have not finished working out some bugs with it but it should work and we should be able to shoot from the truss :smiley:

Hard to tell from the picture, but can you get 8" of bumper in the front on each side? It looks like your grabber is too close to the frame to fit a bumper in there.

The angle is bad but yes we can with quite a bit of extra space.

Cool. This is a great design. We’re having some shooter bugs too, probably keeping it out of bag to work them out.

Just to make sure, that is 8" as measured from the corner of your frame perimeter, not the corner of your bumper outer surface… So there will be visible bumper stuff for about 11.25 inches on either side when viewing from the front. 8" + (2.5" + .75") contributed by side bumper dimension.

This has been a common mistake many teams have made when interpreting the 8" rule in the past.

Looking closer at the pic, I now realize that the horizontal elements parallel to the bumper at the bottom of your grabber won’t interfere with the bumper (I thought they would) and your 8" bumper can extend to the curved lattice structure.

Have you thought about counter balancing the weight of your arm with springs of some sort. You can optimize it to be balanced at the positions your going to want to be in the most that way you don’t have to stall your motors to hold a position.

There are springs you just cant see them in this picture, with such a long arm some assistance was needed.

Ok cool. Yeah I was worried for a sec. =)