pic: Project on FIRST and CD

well i finally took a photo of my photo project…here’s my artist statement…

this project is dedicated to everyone in FIRST…thanks everyone for making FIRST great…

IThere are five images to represent five fields at the Championship Event for FIRST. There is the Einstein, which is the main field for the final matches of the event along with Curie, Archimedes, Newton and Galileo. Curie, Archimedes, Newton and Galileo are the divisions, which the teams will compete in at the Championship event. The year S.P.A.M. will be in Curie along with team 108 whose robot is seen in one of the images.
This project represents a portion of FIRST. The image of the lathe represents the six weeks the teams get to design, build and test their robot. The image of the two robots represents the game and competition. The overhead view represents the how FIRST allows people to see things differently. FIRST is like a sport for many of us. It’s a huge competition with a lot of exciting times, sometime it can even be stressful but it’s all worth it. We don’t just look at math and science and relate it to boring old school but to this competition. The image of the girls represents the lifelong friends you make and the support you receive from others in the FIRST community. Finally the image of the mascots represents the spirit you see at the competitions. Together, you work with other teams and cheer them on not only your team.
This project was truly a success. I really like how it all came out. The different heights show the different levels of knowledge. You start of small then it grows. In FIRST, the new students always are called rookies and generally they are the ones obviously with the least amount. And then you learn after a while the ins and outs and well simply fall into the world of FIRST and never leave it. There is always a challenged to be faced though. With the prism affect, it helps represent the different teams. Each team has their own team colors like S.P.A.M.’s are blue, red and yellow. There are many of them but each one stands out in their own way from their work in the community to their actually robot.
Finally, I wanted to put these images on cds because cds hold information. FIRST gives us information in many ways. FIRST has allowed a student like me to work with great mentors. I’m not the only one that has learned so much while being apart of this great community of FIRST. Many of my closest friends have been inspired like me to go into engineering. I want to say thanks to my team mentors, the FIRST organization, and my friends on other teams especially to few, they know who they are, for always cheering me on and supporting the world of FIRST. And finally I want to thank the creators of Chief Delphi forums also known as cd to the FIRSTers in this world. Cd is a message board that allows all teams to come to one place and talk about all issues within FIRST and outside of it. It’s a great community that is pretty much always positive and makes you even more enjoy the world of FIRST. Therefore, a pun was created with the cds and the Chief Delphi forums. FIRST is apart of my world in life. We all have a place that we just fit in and have fun. I’ve found something that will always make me a happy person and continue to challenge my mind.

wow that must of taken a lot of time to think on how to do it. Brilliant! love the Cd’s and the whole explanation about why you did the Cd’s and the pictures and everything else. i hope you get a excellent grade for the excellent work.

I will never look at a collection of Cd’s laying around the same way again. I think your project and especially the explanation is amazing and the best of luck to you.


thanks guys… i did get an A on it. i’ve done a few other things related to FIRST with photography besides this and the quilt.

i could put them up for sale… hmmm… $250 bucks this piece can go for… all wellz… i think it’ll just end up on a friend’s wall for free…

thanks again though…i’m glad some other people liked it besides my photo teacher who only liked it because of the composition and my classmates because it was “cool”


Another very nice project done by Tiffy Tiff. Let me tell you, this girl is amazing when it comes to art. She has a very creative mind and all of her projects will amaze you.

… about the project… I see 3 robots the 3 beasts of this past season… SigmaC@t 2005 (winner of Curie Divisiion), Swampthing (Winner of Florida and Palmetto Regional), S.P.A.M (whose there on the field to give the opponects hard time).