pic: projector

This is the 10' by 10' projection screen that my roomates and the rest of our team were using to play halo at the hyatt (yes we duct taped a bedsheet to the wall and left the privacy sign on our door for 4 days)

Team 177 had an amazing amount of fun playing halo and watching kill bill vol 1 on this projector (yes we even had surround sound) So for all of you people who were talking about linking your x-boxes (we had another one hooked up to our room tv so we could play 4 on 4) how many of you guys had a setup as sweet as this?

At our hotel, we never got to play the few gamecubes that were brought, but we were this close to having a lan party on the 6-hour bus ride. I brought along two batteries (similar to the kind for the robot) and got an eight port hub working. The only problem was poor planning. We ended up having no games to play :ahh: . But, we are one step closer to getting it to work for next year.

I don’t think that will last long enough for what you are planning to do (given they are 17 AH each). It might work but I’m betting that by the time 4 or 5 hours rolls around you’ll be running those batteries into their grave. Going from battery to inverter then to computer power supply is very inefficient. If you have a 12VDC in power supply, then you’d be all set.

As one of the occupants of this room, all that i have to say is that it rocked. It was totally worth taking my xbox on the plane for this set up. A bunch of the people that played halo learned what its like to be picked off with a sniper rifle across the range of Blood Gultch. :smiley:

The engineer and teacher geeks on the N.E.W. Apple Corps had two LCD projectors in two adjacent rooms playing 4 on 4 Halo. Next year we will have 4 LCD projectors in 4 rooms with 4 X-Boxes playing 16 player games - mentors vs. students.

Sorry, no surround sound this time but, thanks for the idea. We’ll make sure we have it next time around.

Sweet set-up!!