pic: Prom? He said yes.

Lays, not Doritos. 3/10

But awww <3

-Not a 42 point stack


Still, congrats on the prom date.

They appear to be the bacon mac & cheese lays. 9/10.

-6 point stack



At IRI that’ll probably be a stack in the 3 digits…

What that from the landfill or the chute door?

Isn’t this usually the opposite? Boys ask girls to prom? ::smiley:

Not supported by only grey totes. Not on scoring platform.
But have fun at prom. :slight_smile:

Congrats! It sure* tops* everyone elses. (ba dum tss)

Yes, Chute Door

He was a Senior, she was a Junior.

As the planner for my friends promposal, honestly i had about 10 minutes to set this all up in the hallway before the bell went off, so i was scrambling to grab any tote possible that would get the job done. Score was the least of my worries XD.

In that case, 10/10 would chute door again.

At the Indiana Champs an alliance captain selector gave a prom invitation shout-out during alliance selection

0/10, totes are supported by paper.

A girl asked me to prom, though still unconventional. How she did this was awesome, congratulations.

The Charlie and Betsy Baxter marriage proposal from BMR 2011 takes the cake for best “personal” picks during alliance selection. Still, that was pretty good.

Man, I don’t want to ever go to prom, but if I did, I would toteally want this to be the way someone asked me.