pic: Proof I have a Proud Grandmother

My aunt (center back) and 90-year-old grandmother (center front) paid me a surprise visit on Friday at Philly Regional. We took this picture at the Robot Inspection Station during lunch. That’s me on the left (crew shirt) and my dad on the right (MOE Booster).

We she hadn’t been to Drexel in years (she is an Alumnus) because the heat, crowd, and bleachers are tough for her. Luckily, we manged to get front row seats (during lunch) so she could watch matches for a couple hours.

I have to say that is wonderful, my grandmother came to FLR shes only 58 but she said that she had never seen so much energy in one place.

She got to see the match after lunch where we were paired with your team (like we had a match that wasn’t 365 & 84 :smiley: ) and 1394, winning 46-0. She also saw the 103 partnered match that we won 128-0. So she got to see some good matches. She also got to talk to some teams from her area.

It was a “spur of the moment” thing since they needed to take my cousin into town and just dropped by afterwards. My cousin came by later. Friday after lunch was about as “relatively calm” as Drexel gets (especially that close to 399) so it was a good time for her to stop by.

Thanks Chuck for being a great partner in all those matches. Congrats on the regional win and good luck at Championship.

So why aren’t you wearing MOE’s button that says “Have your made your grandmother proud today?”