pic: proof of culture change

At Estern Michigan University, home of the GLR

Beautiful - what’s the story here?

Serves 'em right.

<~ hates football

Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Someone should send this to Dean…

Wow. I can’t belive a school would have something so… I can’t belive they even have a class called football theory! It’s understandable why it was canceled though, it’s worthless.

I heard somewhere that a class was held like this, but everyone passed it, including someone who never showed up!

Sounds like underwater basket weaving to me.

Whatever happened to gracious professionalism?

If you are studying to become a coach, you take classes, just like everyone else. Yes, there are strategies to coaching football, just like there are strategies to winning a robotics competition.

HS Volleyball Coach.

Hmm. Maybe then I owe somebody an apology for what I said above. I guess to me, after being in in classes where the recommended study time to get an A is 8 hours for every hour you’re in class makes this seem like something people would do as a Hobey or independently.

I would have equated football theory to a class they offer at UCF called “cinema survey” that people take because they know it’s a VERY VERY easy A. About 150 + people cram into a huge room, who arn’t in theater or who’s major has nothing to do with this course take it because it’s notoriously easy. All they have to do is sit through a 5 minute lecture and watch a movie the rest of class that proves the lecture right.

I guess though, that there are those who actually take things like these seriously. I’m sure there are a few people in cinema survey who actually go to learn, just like there must be some people in football theory who actually want to improve their coaching abilities. To those people, I apologize.

i think untill you know the exact curriculum for the class it should not really be judged, to the avg. person football can seem pretty straight foward however maybe their are mechanics in volved in it. and maybe it is a class to prep people for coaching positions, their might actually be merit to it.

i was in a class called music theory, many people feel the same way about music just as they do foot ball, how hard could it be, is their really a theory to music. the answer is an amazing yes.
basically dont judge till you know more

hahah i get it…no food or beverage!

oh wait…

See. Those football players should be thanking us for cancelling their class… (Huh!!! Did I say that???) But, this is a perfect opportunity to invite them to see the competition. What are they going to say, “Oh, I can’t. I have a class to get to.”?

Drag them to the competition!!!

*Originally posted by anish *
**hahah i get it…no food or beverage!

oh wait… **

What do you mean “oh wait” what else is in this picture…:smiley: Nothing important that I’m missing here is there?

lol, that’s awesome. makes everything more worth it :smiley: