pic: Proof that Big Mike, Amanda and Dave exist


Unlike Sasquatch, these three were captured on film. Taken at the Vex field of Ramp Riot 2006.

That can’t be me, Amanda Morrison and Dave Lavery would never admit to socializing with me, that must be a big mike imposter

and yes you can clearly see The Big Mike Imposter filling out IPOD raffle tickets instead of working :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, no Pooh bear-like features…

except that you’re wearing a 1923 shirt. and 1923 doesn’t give their shirts out to just anyone.


We were honored to have all of these non-existent people at Ramp Riot this year.

Doesn’t it figure? You work your tail off all day long and when someone finally takes your picture…you’re filling out raffle tickets!

This stuff happens to me all the time!! :mad:

Did we really need proof? :stuck_out_tongue:

Socializing, Mike? It looks as if they’re being forced to be there. sigh

hrmmmmm… from this angle there’s still a little tail left over :rolleyes:
It really was great seeing everyone at Ramp Riot, though.

Mike is left handed! He MUST be really smart.

2 things interesting about this picture:

  1. Amanda looks like she has a Dave head growing out of her left shoulder… kinda like the movie How to Get a Head in Advertizing.

  2. That’s the smallest lei I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, great job to all who ran the FVC exhibition event at Ramp Riot. There was some great competition there and the participating teams were very excited.


Are you sure that’s just not forced perspective? :cool:

Can somebody let Big Mike’s family know that he wants a megaphone for Christmas??? :slight_smile:

…or perhaps the largest neck…

He is known as Big Mike for a reason. Like Honeycomb - he’s not small, no no no.