pic: Proposed WOW District Locations

Three maps of MAR and WOW (WestPA, Oh, WV).
The first shows the team density.
The second shows current event locations.
The third shows proposed district event locations for a WOW district.

With the talk about adding Western Pennsylvania to MAR, I thought I would map the teams in this region by county to see if it makes sense. As you can tell, there is a very high team density in New Jersey and Eastern PA. Adding West PA would add a small pocket of teams far away from the main center of MAR.

I also mapped what a “WOW” district would look like. There are 64 teams in Ohio, 3 in West Virginia and 26 in Western Pennsylvania, for a total of 93 teams. Having a district with this many teams requires five district events, with an additional district championship. This is an increase from four regionals right now to six new events. This is a very small increase in the number of events, so I think that WOW could pull it off without needing to recruit many more volunteers.

I also believe that the WOW district would better serve the needs of Western PA teams since they would have more flexibility in which district events to attend, and would probably be closer to their District Championship than they would be in MAR. The hypothetical WOW DCMP would probably be in Cleveland or Columbus, while the MAR DCMP is in Bethlehem.

Which state annexed Western Maryland? :wink:

Agh, I knew I missed something! :slight_smile:

I guess it will matter, when a team starts in Garrett or Allegany counties. The neighboring counties in PA and WV are similarly challenged now.

edit: While you’re annexing, consider taking western New York – say everything west of highway 14. It is a long way to MAR and NE for those teams.

Are there teams there? If not, grab it, WOW can uses the space for expansion. :rolleyes:

You mean like 1629 - Garrett Coalition? :wink:

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Oops! I guess the OP left them off his map. Must have been an accident…:rolleyes:

It makes me laugh when ever people suggest that the district would be too big or there’s not enough team density. The Ontario district is 9 times the size of Ohio. We have multiple teams within our district who fly to all their events. I think you’ll be ok.

As one of the teams from the “2” in the upper left corner of Ohio, the thing this map doesn’t really show is the massive number of teams very close to us in Michigan. If teams from the WOW District are allowed to travel to Michigan Districts, those would likely be our closest events. I’d be curious to see what all the WOW-neighboring states look like as well.

Compete in one event 10 hours away or two cheaper events that are both 5 hours away. I’ll take the two events any day :wink:

Man I am spoiled, I have 10 Districts and World Championships less than an hour drive away. FiM State Championship is 1 hour 8 minutes, so it isn’t quite in that radius lol.