pic: Protecting the Camera is No Joke

Sad part is its real…

Oh man… I was hoping you’d forget to post that one.

The sad part is - the atomic fireball jar was not used because it was the wrong size.

I’m going to get kicked out of the mentor club for this one…

Of course I posted this one. :cool:

Whenever the camera is on and tracking in the background you need to have the Laffy Taffy song on… “Shake that Laffy Taffy… that Laffy Taffy…” cause with the sprinkler effect of the camera, it’ll work all too well.

Here’s an question: are you including the full cost of the Laffy Taffy or just the plastic container? :rolleyes:

Nah, the most important question is:

Who got to eat all the Laffy Taffy?

Oh we blew threw that container of Laffy Taffy in like 10-15 minutes a few weeks ago. :cool:

good thinking, ill buy a thing of laffy taffies for my team right away. Our camera isnt protected at the moment. :wink:

Not2B you’re supposed to be inspiring students with the magic of engineering. All you’ve done now is promote bad eating habits, poor dental care and worst of all advertising for Laffy Taffy without recieving money from them and listing them as a sponsor. The mentor council has convened and due to this laughable act you have been kicked out of the mentor union forever.

And you’ve been inducted into the proud honorary society of real FIRST engineers. Kudos for another awesome solution for life’s toughest problems(in this case protecting a color camera mounted on a robot, that needs to track a green light ontop of an eight foot hoop.) I love it :slight_smile:

Cheap plastic camera protector Mk.2:

large cylindrical zip tie container

We need to get more zip ties anyway.

Thank you for the Kudos, and the induction into a real FIRST engineering group.

You know… I kept of saying that we have to protect the camera.

Tminus 5 days - we should really protect the camera
Tminus 4 days - Ok, if you guys don’t protect the camera now, you’ll forget to put in on later
Tminus 3 days - Do you even plan on protecting that camera? It’s worth alot of money, plus is gives the robot a Terminator - RoboCop kinda look. I want to keep it.
Tminus 2 days - OK, EVERYONE eat atomic fire balls. Hey you… how many fireballs are you eating now? You need more!
Tminus 1 day - What do you mean the fire ball jar won’t fit?!? Opps… sorry guys… uh… yeah… sorry about that… fire balls aren’t that bad, right? They are? Sorry… how about the Laffy Taffy jar?

“how about the Laffy Taffy jar?”

-in response -you mean the laffy taffy jar that had been sitting there empty for three weeks after we ate the 2 dozen Atomic Fireballs :rolleyes: ?

You guys get something to eat and you complain? Jeez, we have to live on gruel and juice. You atleast got sweets.

I browsed the websites and found 435 is using some kind of pretzel container.

I spent a whole hour trying to make a nice camera mount (I was really tired), while the answer was simply sitting in the recycle bin.

Good idea, I may have to borrow it…

I think the Biscotti containers from costco might be a better bet, however, as they’re clearer, round, and they seem a bit stiffer.

when your bot gets hit, do you “shake that laffy taffy”?

Team 1278 is using a full face shield for our 'bot

Arn’t you worried about glare and the whatnot affecting the camera or am i pooping this party by being too serious?

Actually if you look real close you can see the top third or so of the front has been removed for the Camera to see through. So yes we were worried about the glare. :cool:

i will have to get a picture of our camera mount and post it here… with some nice lexan and a heat gun, you can do wonderful things :slight_smile:

but what about all the gr 9 and 10s on the team, wont sugaring them up be a bad thing ? ;)… jokes aside… thats an effective solution to a problem …gj