pic: Prototype of this year's scouting webapp

Ideally this will be used on a tablet to enter data into a SQLite db to be analyzed at a later time. Code might be released sometime before competition. I’ll also likely add data fields. They are quite easily configurable.

Looks awesome! Do you think you’ll include some form of quick alliance weakness calculator? For example, you know you’re going to be against teams 1, 2, and 3, so you input those 3 numbers into your database to spit out the best possible defence setup against that specific alliance?

What do you do when it’s time to pick and every team in your database is ‘meh’ at everything? Do high school students, particularly those who don’t want to scout, know how to discern between what constitutes ‘meh’ and ‘yes’ for things like high goal?

IMO if you give them some sort of guidance, it’s more streamlined (at least for defenses, maybe not for high/low goal) than having them input comments or a 1-(5 or greater) scale. Three options of ranking is definitely the ideal way to rank, unless you’re giving options that are preset comments
“No” would mean they can’t/didn’t do it at all
“Meh” would mean they did it, but it took them an above-average(this would have to be relative to the teams at the event I guess) time to do so.
“Yes” would mean they did it with no real struggle.

And I’d recommend having high/low goal be a count-based

Mabye it’s better if you make it 1-2-3-4-5 with
1: no
2: can hardly do it.
3: meh
4: decent
5: good

But i think this way of scouting could be very effective, like it!

If the problem is “scouting criteria is subjective”, adding more subjective criteria doesn’t really fix it.

I think the only semi-objective way to do it is to have time per crossing measured / estimated by the scout. Just a rough guess as to the number of seconds it took them to complete the crossing attempt.

I don’t know about time - that can get tedious - but I do like where you’re going with it Chris.

Seems like checkbox-style would work. Three options:
attempted | got stuck | completed

If ‘completed’ is checked, then ‘attempted’ is auto-checked.
Maybe even the checkboxes should be replace by +/- buttons that incremented a number - would be better to discern multiple crossings versus “it can do it”. That would draw out what a robot prefers to do.

This year’s scouting isn’t the easiest thing to frame up and work out. The drive coaches need to know a lot to make good pre-match choices…

Yeah, the idea is that this is served as a Flask webserver, and the scouts connect somehow to send in the data. Then there’s a separate program that will compute all the nessecary info that we’d need to know for our alliance partners and opponents and hopefully, yes, choose our defenses for us.

Can you link to application/page?

I haven’t put it on a public host, for obvious reasons.

1: no
2: can hardly do it.
3: meh
4: decent
5: good

I would do a 1-4 Scale, which forces them to pick (or a 1-6 if you think they need more options)
for exampe,
2. Just
3. A few times, somewhat well
4. Very very good.

If you have a fancier system you could have the scout press the specific defense button when it begins the attempt and then again when it completes the crossing. Then, the difference in times get inputted into the database. This could also be used to determine if a team got stuck on a particular defense and the number of times it crosses each defense per match.

That seems like a lot of work… We’d need 6 tablets and 6 students keeping a close eye on the robots. Imho a time difference would be a little clumsy since finding the specific button is particularly difficult in a time-dependent fashion.

For now I’m putting in a slider from 1-10, until I can figure out some kind of counting system. Maybe I’ll have separate inputs, one set for number of times and one for the reliability/efficiency, like you have listed. A team could cross a defense several times without doing it very efficiently or quickly.

Use the volume keys to start & stop the time, and have buttons on the screen to select the defense?

Or, for less button presses overall, what about a universal start timer button and stop buttons for each specific defense? Ideally you would also select which defenses are where on the field before the match and have the screen display those in the appropriate order on the screen to make it easier to find the right button.

As a team that is unable to have access to computerized scouting the only thing I would to change this is make it so that there is Yes/No, and then a blank space for the scouter to give a short description on it. Looks great everywhere else and this is exactly what I had in mind for a scouting sheet!

This… Isn’t really designed to be printed out.

I meant this is the format I was thinking of