pic: Proud Moment As a Mentor


As a mentor of this second year team, i must say this is one of my proudest moments!


Thanks 1771, 21, 832, 2655

I would just like to take this moment to thank all of our mentors, Andrew, Santosh, Ian, Matt, Giacamo, Brandon, as well as our great coaches Dr. Bennett and Mrs. Allio who have helpws us get here. We could not have done it without all their patient help and teaching and we all appreciate the time they have sacrificed from their busy lives to help us. It means so much to all of us kiddies. Thanks!!!

Two regional champions! I’m still blown away!

I want to give a quick thanks to the entire team, mentors, kiddies, coaches and all, for putting up with my many programming mistakes, rewrites, and “because-of-my-terrible-autonomous-and-programming-we-lost-the-match/broke-the-robot” moments. The build team did an insane job from idea to CAD to reality and the business team really did an amazing job with what may be the most underappreciated (wrongly so) aspect of our team (two KPC&B Entrepreneurial awards! Nice!).

We really pulled it together in our second year thanks to some extremely committed mentors (with 50+ meetings past 6:00PM, dozens past 8:00PM, many past 10:00PM, and one fateful all-nighter (special shout out to Andrew for putting up with 4:00AM me)).

All of you guys rule, our alliance partners rule, our sponsors rule, Kamen and Flowers rule, Chief Delphi rules, FIRST rules! Thanks for giving me the ever so contagious “bug”.

Wow. Awesome! :smiley: Congrats again on Palmetto.

I’m so glad we’re in the same devision in Atlanta.

But… what happens if (or when) we have to face you guys? Man that will be fun.

Can’t wait to see you guys again.

– Ben

That’s quite an amzing accomplisment. Great job!!! And that “bug” is extremely contagios. thank Goodness for it though.