pic: PS2 Driven Robot

This past weekend three of our members got a new control system working for our robot. So now instead of driving our robot using the old three joystick controls we can now control it using an UNmodified Play Station 2 controller and it works great.

So I take it you got the thumb-joysticks to work? Do you have a pinout?

It’s quite a neat hack, though I’ve never been fond of those controllers…

:yikes: Thats too cool! Any diagrams (aka pinouts, like phrontist said)?

Also, did you get the vibration thing working too :wink: lol?

How do you get good control with the analog sticks? I believe the resistors in the sticks themselves are 10k Ohm and joysticks have 100k ohm resistors.

Where you able to add any function to the buttons, for example using R1 R2 L1 L2 for say arm controls?

I don’t know all the details they just let me drive it. I’ve passed along your questions to the guys who built it.

Also, did you get the vibration thing working too lol?

We’re working on it. :cool:

Yes they put the arm controls on the front trigger link buttons
arm up is on the top right
arm down is on bottom right
arm extend is on the top left
arm retract is on the bottom left
Tetra wacker is the circle button
Dumptruck is the triangle button
Tank drive on the joysticks

How difficult is it to drive with the ps2 controller, and i have to ask the obvious question is it like playing a video game? What are the characteristics of the controller?

For one person to drive its alot easier to drive with the PS2 controller, The robots alot more responsive as well. The only problem is after you go backwards and release the joysticks it tends to keep rolling backwards but they working on it.

Very cool! :slight_smile:

ok, i’m one of team 862 electronics monkeys who worked on this, i’m working out some more bugs and will have plans and/or schematics soon

but it works like this
a PIC16f688 reads the ps2 controller data (yes, no controller mods, that controller is an unmodified commercial controller i bought used like 2 weeks ago)
it decodes the signal and sends the info to some Digipots (maxim-dallas copyrighted term) that have 100k impeadence (theyre 100kpots like in joysticks) they contol everything

you have to change youyr software though if u wanna use ours, it uses 1 joy stick port

also rohan_dhs, we are working on the rumble feature currently, it needs pwm1 to be clear though, it uses the feedback lights for pwm1 to tell the pic that “holy crap we did sompthing wrong” like if we hit sompthing or we have a malfunction

I doubt you will get the rumble feature working. I don’t know all the mechanics but the chances are they use a buzzer. And since a buzzer is a motor the RC should not output enough power for it to run. Nice work though. I’m looking at making custom controls this year and i like to see success. :smiley:

Pretty darn cool. I saw you guys work on it but never knew you got it to work. Fantastic.


I’m guessing that typical button-mashing is a definite no-no? :slight_smile:
Way cool, man. Keep it up.


wow thats trés cool :ahh: let us know if/when you guys get that working :smiley: :smiley:

The micro controller that I’m using for my robo one has 9 pins for connecting a playstation controller. I hope to eventually incorporate a wireless controller so it’ll be like rockem sockem robots, only these robots cost a lot more.

From what I saw when I ripped apart an old controller of mine, they’re just little DC motors with… weight kinda things on them that when they spin throw the controller off balance, making it rumble.

Exactly thats what buzzers essentially are and I’m thinking you wont get the RC to power it. There is a rule on what you can connect i think that lighted switches is a NoNo also. I use a double switch and power the lights on a battery to get around the rule without breaking it. I don’t think you can do anything like that with the buzzer. :frowning: However if you DO get it working give me a mail and some instructions because I would love to incorporate a buzzer into our controls.

The “rumble” in a videogame controller isn’t a buzzer. It’s basically the same thing as the “vibrate” in a cell phone or pager: a tiny little motor with an off-center weight. The LED drivers on the OI are limited to 10 milliamps, and might be capable of running a typical 40ma pager motor if they were connected together.

Very nice job.

Please don’t take my question as any kind of attack or jab at your accomplishment. I think what you have done is awesome. But, is it legal? I thought I remember there being a rule of some sort not allowing any kind of computer or processor between the driver and the RC. With the PIC in-line, would this violate a rule?

Just curious. If it doesn’t, and if somebody could make a nice, semi-universal PS2 or USB to digipots and switch adapter, it would open up the world of cool controllers to teams.