pic: Pulled Pork, Chicken and all the Fixings

Team 237 will kick off their 10th season with a luncheon on Sept 23, 2007 in Watertown, CT. We’re 10 robots old.
Pulled Pork, Chicken and all the Fixings. Come Early

Congratulations John, and everyone over at team #237, from another team celebrating ten years this year, 228 Gus! :slight_smile:

I’m marking down the date, as long as there aren’t any conflicts, I’ll stop by. Mmmmm… love pulled pork.

Guess we need to speed up our 10th year celebration planning.

Oy, you’re reminding me that I’m going into my fifth season! Way to make me feel old, Boucher! :wink:

Just one required question from the aficionado: Mustard-based, ketchup-based, or vinegar-based pulled pork?

oo i love the date 9-23-07 woot woot LOL :yikes: :smiley:

Astute question, Billfred. Of course there would be no such question down on the Black River, in SC, where pulled pork originated because only city folks and Yankees use forks. Long, slow cooking and vinegar-based seasoning ensured that nothing beyond ones own good fingers need come between meat and mouth.

But in these modern times, city folks and Yankees have developed a taste for pulled pork, so the question is pertinent: what style do they prefer?

I am with you all the way, The pork is one of the things I look forward to most when I go down to visit family in NC, Vinegar all the way:D

Umm… we’ll have to get back to you on that question.
But none-the-less, I’m sure it will be awesome. w00t!
I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

And to Art and the rest of 228, c’mon down & bring the whole darn team!!!
We’ll make you all honorary guests seeing as you are sharing in 10 years of Robo-Building-ness that we are celebrating as well!!

10 years strong and plenty more to come! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t 10-23-07 be more appropriate given the occasion? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but Tuesdays aren’t as good as Sundays for gala celebrations!

What I would give to be able to come! It sounds delicious! :yikes:

Luckily, since it’s on a Sunday I should be able to leave campus to go. Because as anyone familiar with GUS Team 228 knows, we love hickory-smoked pulled pork!


It’s great when one of the parents of a student on your team has a gaint smoker, for slowly smoking the pork. It makes for great team barbeques. :cool:


Congrads to all the teams entering their 10th. year. Smoked Pork sounds / smells pretty good =). If I’m not doing anything I might stop by we shall see CT is not really around the corner lol and it’s getting harder to take time off from work.

nice, i wish i had one of those, all i got is a tiny little propane smoker

I’m a vinegar guy. Now, although NC is famous for vinegar-based pork, there is a line drawn down the state that segregates the taste buds. The farther east you go, you’ll get vinegar based barbeque and slaw. Especially Wilson County, with famous restaurants like Bill’s and Parkers. However, in the West, mountainous, and High Point area you get ketchup based barbeque, which is also quite good. Theres alot of old-timey restaurants you can find if you know where to look that are great representations of these areas. All in all, Carolina barbeque is still VERY good.

Pork is a very serious topic in North Carolina. Where else can you advertise for your robotics team at an event known as “Hog Day”?

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Hey … Don’t Forget Team 237’s Pulled Pork Party is this Sunday In Watertown. 1:00 to 4:00PM. See you there.