pic: Pulley?

Our team, #2158, needs a pulley like in the picture. We do not have the capability to machine a part like this, so we were hoping to find a supplier. Does anyone know where we could find something like this? We’re not even sure it is technically called a pulley… It would also be great if the hole for the shaft is keyed. We’re looking at approximately a 2’’ inner diameter.


It might help to know how big it is supposed to be, and what the requirements for it are…for example, does it need to be a specific width, or could be anywhere from 2" to 6" wide? does it need to have a specific diameter inside for the shaft, and outside for the cable/wire/whatever to roll onto? Is there some weight limit you have in mind? Do you have welding capability, or a shop in town that could weld steel or aluminum, if you could cut a tube and make the “washers” for the ends? and is there some other way to attach it to a shaft?

We (team 612) used to have some 6" Delrin rod that would be perfect for this application. Mating the rod to a live axle might take some thought, though.

According to the nifty FIRST team info database, 2158 is an Austin, TX team. Is there someone in this area who could help this team out?


When do you need this, and what exact dimensions and material are you looking for? We’ve got a lathe, broaching set, and a load of aluminum stock. If it’s not going to weigh more than a pound, we could turn it out and mail it to you. If it’s heavier, we’d probably have to figure out a way to run it up to austin. We’ve got an ex team member that’s attending UT that might not have left Houston yet, however, so let me know ASAP what we’re looking at here, and I’ll try to hook you up.

Aside from making it from 3 pieces (use 3 long screws and nuts to hold the ends together), or having Kevin’s team make one up for you (Note that “Priority Mail” from the post office has a flat rate box, send anything that fits in the box for just under $9. Even lead plates.), you can find Electrical Wire on spools like this. Go look at Radio Shack to see small versions of what I mean, an electrical supply house (or Home Depot/Lowes/hardware store/etc) will have them in a variety of sizes, and once they sell the wire off a spool they usually throw it away. Or if a parent is an electrician.

Good luck,

hm… It depends on how big that thing is really. if it is fairly small, not much. but if its over 6" in diameter, might have to have a machine shop do it. unless you guys have a lathe and some crazy long drill bits.


Thanks everybody for your suggestions. We decided on either getting a plastic spool, or making our own out of aluminum; using aluminum tubing and aluminum discs similar to what squirrel mentioned.