pic: Purple Bumpers - 418

what is cooler than tie died purple bumpers?

what is cooler than tie died purple bumpers?
Tie Dyed Multicolored bumpers :wink:

I have to say, I’m a fan of both the purple and the multi-colored tie-dyed bumpers. But what did both of your teams use as a material to dye? Was it durable throughout the competition? (Last year we managed to rip even our super-thick and supposedly durable fabric, so we put a band-aid on our bumpers. I was heartbroken, since I made them and painted our team’s numbers on.)

I believe we used whatever was recommended in the manual (1000 denier cordura). Different colors of spray paint were used to get the desired tie-dye effect. The material itself held up extremely well throughout the competition, but the spray paint faded a little bit.

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Here is the partial scoop on 418’s bumpers. (the other part of the scoop is my whining so it isn’t necessary)

White canvas. Last year I would have not said it was as durable as I would have liked but this year, it held up better according to my standards cough.

The way I look at it, we make bumpers for the robot. We deal with what happens to the bumpers/material. The pit crew did ask me to come check them over a couple of times. They were fine.

We tie-dyed 2 large panels this year. One could be used as a back drop for a display or used for bumpers again but we have it - the team seems set on this particular tie-dye pattern.

the little white circle star things are rubber band marble thingy’s pm jane for instructions :wink: