pic: Purple Parrot

Whose stronger, the T-Rex or the Parrot?

OK Corey and Greg where did you guys get shirts from legends of the hidden temple. I used to watch the show all the time and since Nickelodeon started the network GAS I get to feel like a little kid again.

wow, corey.** just wow.** and i want a legends of the hidden temple shirt.

I spy with my little eye something that might be a good picture for a Caption Contest.


I have Blue Barracudas and Green Monkeys

I love that show.
I’ve always wanted to try my luck at that temple… I would so win (those pansies who couldn’t put together the stupid monkey… mutter)

Yep I got them from there. I had seen the site when it had first come out and wanted some. But had to wait til I got my own debit card. So i finally got three of them, and im gonna get the other 3 around Christmas. They were all the rage for Halloween this year.

Haha Corey! Crazy kid.

Great…now you’ve got a whole bunch of us watching Legends of the Hidden Temple on YouTube… :rolleyes:

I have watched all of season one and two. Working on three now. :slight_smile:
The purple parrots rarely / if ever make it to the temple runs.
A couple of things,

the harmonic conversion room is messed up, sometimes the floor panels didn’t work, and when they did there was little confirmation so the kids could know which door opened.

kids do not understand the treasure room


Yeah, I have to admit, some of those kids weren’t exactly the brightest. The silver monkey is THREE PIECES!

I’ve just started watching random episodes and, like Morgan said, the Purple Parrots were never really that good…(sorry, Corey!)

I honestly don’t know how to respond to this. yep.

On that note, after my emergency appendectomy I watched about 8 episodes of Legends of a Hidden Temple on Nick GaS. I also watched Wild and Crazy Kids. It was a good nostalgic time.

Done at UD, infact we also had a kid from Global Guts!

For anyone on facebook, there is a group for Legends of the Hidden Temple.
And you can take out your rage on the things kids couldn’t do on that show.
My friend and his best friend were Red Jaguars for Halloween. Pendants & all.


But C’mon !! SILVER SNAKES !!
(sorry, being on a silver team, I had to mention them…)

The scariest episode I saw of Legends was an episode where it came down to JUST the Purple Parrots and the Silver Snakes. It was a disaster.

Facebook again FTW!!!

Warning: Some language on that page may not be appropriate for the people who weren’t there to watch the original broadcasts of this on Nickelodeon and have only seen it on this NEW network called Nick GAS… (Did you even know Nick GAS was derived from the original network name of Nickelodeon for goodness sakes youngin’s!!!) :stuck_out_tongue:
But… if you remember sitting watching this show when it first came out on Nickelodeon, then you’re good to go… maybe… lol

All hail Olmec!!! w00t Robotic co-hosts! :smiley:

I was never too into Legends of the Hidden Temple or Guts. I was a Double Dare fan!

I loved double dare!

Regular Double Dare, or Family Double Dare?

And… to voice my opinion, I loved Guts more than LOTHT or DD or FDD.

Do you have it? Guts!!!

Wild & Crazy Kids was a cool show too. Especially the bullseye game from the ~5th floor of the mall with beanbag chairs.
I was always waiting for someone to walk under them and get splattered.
I know… sick… but… meh. LOL :rolleyes: