pic: PVC anybody?

PVC pole removed from mobile goal during finals

Why was there a pole removed from the goal?

it was quite common for the pvc poles to “fall out” of the goals during some matches

the plans for the field indicated that the pvc is just resting through 2 holes in the goals so it isn’t as big of a shock that they would sometimes fall out of the goals during the matches

the question i have is if i robot unintentionally removes a peice of pvc pipe from a goal that has balls in it and the balls fall out even with out any direct contact from the robot would that count as de-scoring balls…i don;t think this has happend yet this year but there is always that possibility

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I know our team unintentionally removed our own mobile goal’s pvc twice. The refs penalized us both times (strange though…we only hurt ourselves) and told us that if we remove the other teams it could result in a dq.

When 271’s robot was removing the 2X ball from the mobile goal, the grabber was positioned outside of the pole, and it squeezed the pole against the ball when it uncapped, bringing both the ball and pole with it. I don’t believe any penalties were assessed.

I remember seeing a photo from either the NJ or VCU regionals and there were pvc pipes on the field from one of the goals. As you said it’s very common this year with the goals falling apart.