pic: pwnd.

At PARC yesterday. Mike (303), Corey (25) and Henry (222) were going to take a lovely picture together, but the second that that was over… Mike held Corey down, and then we all Sharpied him =]. So of course we needed a picture…

From left to right: Kevin Shaw(237)(bottom), Scott Shaw(237), Me-Emily Nasson (303), Corey Balint (25), and Mike Leicht (303)

SORRY Corey, it was a way to end PARC.

so are we done with sharpies on Corey at least? lets move on with our lives and end the sharpie battles. who is in?

this is what happens when kim isnt around…hrmph.

Is Mr. Balint growing a beard?

Yes, Alex – scary right? I didn’t even recognize him when I walked it. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitly a good time held by all at PARC yesterday. and no Mike we aren’t with you. I mean seriously, Corey has 2 more competitions he has to drive…how can he not go out in style? haha. :slight_smile:

PFT. Where was I when this happened?! It’s okay, maybe I’ll just get him back in school…in the middle of the hallway, maybe?

Or maybe I can get a silver sharpie and color up that BobCats sweatshirt he has…I wonder to whom that belongs :wink:

He says he hasn’t shaved since the championship.

ewwwwwwwwwwww, who doesn’t shave for that long?

Dunno Kettle ask Black.


lol alex just got pwned.

hmm corey told me he shaved…phew!

LOL Koko got it a bit mixed up. He reminds me of Biff in Back to the future… lol
Biff: Make like a tree… and get out of here… :yikes:
LOL j/k Ed… Don’t hate me!!!

Alex, Ed is saying you are the pot calling the kettle black.

to say something about someone else which is actually true of you yourself …

Kettle ask Black:

‘that’s calling the kettle black’

oops sorry Elgin -

. :o . :frowning: . :] .

actually, it would be nice if they made little smileys with beards for you guys.

Jeep makes one.



Oh, Brandon…