pic: QF match that set new record score = 220 points

four bots on the bar and a new high score in the quarterfinals at buckeye

this was shot on 35mm Kodak film zoomed in around 200mm

I have this shot scanned in at 300dpi - its about 2.5Mbytes

if anyone wants the full size file send me a PM (can only post 0.5MB on CD)

or if you want I can scan it at 600 dpi

btw - I didnt adjust the image for color or brighness - this is the raw scanned in image.

I re-scanned this photo, this time with the colorcorrection turned on

and the bots dont look, well… rusty in the new scan - but Im not gonna post it here

[jab]just cant beat those Epson scanners and printers for image quality :^) [/jab]

if anyone wants the file send me a PM - its 2.5MB - also scanned it at 600 dpi- its a 9MB file if you want that

what an amazing photo and a match! Good job all 4 teams!