pic: qoqDeS

We are labeling things on the robot this year, to keep things less confusing. We want the keep things clear and easy-to-understand.

Andy, you have us all dumbfounded… care to give us any hints?? :confused:

Whaddya mean? We just are showing an example of how we are trying to be more organized this year. You know, it’s common practice to put wires on labels. Now we are putting labels on parts of the robot. 294 has their operator interface labelled really nicely, and we really like the idea of making things clear.

Andy B.

Thats not what a little birdie told me… He told me that it has something more to do with your robot but would not give any sort of hints…

/me needs to somehow get into the TechnoKat circle…

It’s quite clear to me what it says. :wink:

Yep. It says “qoqDeS”…lol.

David: Aren’t the wires part of the robot?

Overall this is a pretty clever hint. :slight_smile: Although I don’t really “know” what it is, but I know what it is…weird…

Some joker labeled the actual part DeSqoq. Let’s hope that doesn’t turn out to be more accurate than qoqDeS

Who are you calling joker? lol. :wink: I’m glad that Alan has taught me so much about “labeling!”