pic: Quad Hang in the Finals

In the first finals match in Detroit, teams 27, 201, 51, and 67 all hung for 4 points per match. It was one of the highlights of the Detroit District Event.

Photo Credit Dan Ernst

This had to be the most exciting final ever! Watching HOT and the feds go up in the last few second to score the last second points! I’ve never scene an entire crowd stand up for the end of a match!

AWESOME! What was the final score? It had to be pretty.

15-14 Blue won. Yes HOT Wings Express (doesn’t it sound like a fast food place) lost a match in the finals

as posted below it was acutally 14-13, my bad.

The score was actually 14-13 for blue. Which ironically adds up to 27!

Congratulations again to Hot Wings Express for such amazing Finals!

I thought it was 13-14. Either way, we were extremely happy we beat Hot Wings Express in a match. The other two, however, the FEDS tipped or were disabled. We were relying on their near zone scoring very heavily and their hanging. It was an amazing match though!

BTW, does any of the FEDS have a Large shirt from last year I could trade for? I think your shirts are amazing.

I was so upset when we tipped and when our radio failed! We definitely could have won it if those two things didn’t happen :confused:

Oh well, I guess there is always states :wink:

We are seeing if we can order more shirts because we are getting a TON of requests for shirt trades and stuff. I will keep you posted!

I was so dissapointed when the Feds when out for two matches in a row! That first match is the most excited I’ve been since lunacy! Maybe at states we’ll see our first 6 robot hang!

I remember being so on edge during this match - the score were incredibly close the entire time, and I don’t think that I’ve ever screamed “BLUE AL-LI-ANCE!” that loudly! I was right behind the judges table, and the energy that came from the 27/201/1 alliance when the scores were posted was almost tangible.

4 robots hanging at once is really impressive. When you have alliances that are diverse enough in their hanging styles to be able to do that, seeing the match unfold so well is really a treat. Great job, 67, 51, 27, and 201!

During our last qualification match, we were actually going to have all 3 robots hang in one match, but because of field problems 5 out of the 6 robots lost comms during the match. Unfortunately they didn’t replay it, but we didn’t lose so we wern’t that upset (it ended out as a tie).

ANd would that last time be when we teamed up with you guys for Detroit last year? :wink:

I was actually convinced that it was a tie when the match ended, so when the scores were posted I freaked out. It was at this point that I really realized that we were in the finals.

Then I went to ice our motors for the next match :stuck_out_tongue:

I was re-living that match with one of our programmers today at lunch - wasn’t that the one where we managed to accidentally knock out comms for the entire red alliance and ourselves by accidentally ramming into the alliance station wall? (our frame did NOT look pretty after that, let me tell you). Sorry about that one :confused: I think that the only reason it wasn’t replayed was because 3002 was still moving. I would have loved to see the finale of that match if that hadn’t happened, though.

Yup! It’s a shame 3002 didn’t go out, so that we could play the match over in it’s entirety! If we would have played that match over, we probably would have gotten enough CP ponts for the award :confused: Oh well!

It would be even greater if several of those 6 were suspended!

Unless someone modifies their bot, I think the enginerds are the only ones at states able to suspend other bots

And hopefully we get to see that at States, we just want someone to come hang with us. (we feel lonely)


I heard your putting in verticle bars to hang off… I hope so or we won’t be able to hang off you either :confused: (hopefuly we put it on this time)

True, and untill they change the outward uprights, neither us (27) or the Killer Bees can hang from them. We’d sheer the aluminum right in half! I have no idea if they plan on changing that or not.

ARRR This be Vastly Impressive.

All i know is michigan needs to have the first 6 bot hang or the second suspention (a double suspention would be better though) oh and 33 and 27 shouldn’t worry i’ve heard some stuff about enginerds updates :smiley: