pic: QuadCrawler

Here is the 4 legged robot that me and Matt Keller (our webmaster) were working on. I promised a few that I would post a picture of it. Here it is…


that looks sweet great job guys. how long did it take you to come up with the idea and go through with it? looks like something I’d be in on doing. maybe after the battlebot’s done. we’ll go at it against em arefin and settle it, muhaha.give me all the juicey details about it.

this is a kit available from parallax

for more details on the kit you can find it here

There you go… Greg pointed it out.

It was pain in the butt to write the code for it, after writing all the code I realize that the walking code was online. It was about 4 hours of work to put that thing together. Pretty interesting I should say. Few plates were rebuilt.

… one thing I learned from this, a jumper can make a difference in making the whole thing to not to work. Videos of the QuadCrawler walking will be posted soon.

Bring it on Alex… make sure to start a battlebots team at your college so you can actually go against me. :slight_smile:

mmmm…so i finally got to see this baby…great job arefin and matt!

i wish i had time to have fun…lol…all wellz…great job and have fun playing with it :slight_smile:

$500!? It’s surely a cool looking set, but for that much I would just get me a VEX kit or two Mindstorms…

Post some videos of it soon, I’m looking forward to see it.