pic: Quick connect for Lego League

Here is a quick connect for attachments that can be used for FLL.

Not many postings on the Portal for Lego League Info. I know we can post on the Lego League threads but they never end up on the Portal page. Seems like somthing that should happen through the FLL season.

Joe, what did this attachment do? Can we have some more details about how it worked? How did this method work out for the team?

Sounds like your personal Portal settings aren’t set how you want them.
I have my options set to include the Lego subforums on my Portal page.

user cp -> Recent Posts Config.
towards the bottom check
“FIRST Lego League” & “Lego Mindstorms Discussion”
Save Changes

Never mind, Mark got there ahead of me.

The attachment was used to pick up rings in one mission. Last Year we had a student that came up with this design that works really well. He installed a lego rubber band to a lever and with a push you can slide it on and off. The one shown did not need the rubber band lever.

With this method you can chage attachments quicly. We also put the missions in my blocks and add a wait until button pushed between them so the missions change automaticaly with out searching through the list on the NXT.

View our Smart Moves robot in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3FCQtOBqRI

Nice solution!


Awesome Video! Really good job, one of the best Lego robots I’ve seen

Wow that is an awesome robot! A close second to our little sister FLL team the Landroids.- these guys are beastly once again.

Put up or shut up Akash :wink:

Joe, will we be seeing the White Wolves in Flint again this year?

I’ll let them speak for themselves:p - http://www.landroids.org/?page_id=53

Also, I like the strategies you guys used, very quick and efficient especially with hopping down from the ramp and still keeping a clean finish to the autonomous program. Awesome work.

Edit: That linkage arm is pretty cool as well! (lol I still love FLL way too much).

How about some video of robot performance this year? That’s what I’m interested in seeing.

I can ask them to record stuff on Nov. 21st if you wish. It is the next time they will be competing. They usually don’t record matches unless they’re at a big competition.

Btw I wasn’t trying to brag about these guys. My bad if it comes across that way.

The White Wolves will be competing in Flint on Nov. 21st. We decided to skip the warm up which we don’t normally do but this year we have kind of a strange situation. We have NEVER had trouble getting kids on the team, this year I am not sure what has happened and we only have 4. However as you can see in the video they are 4 pretty incredible kids. Two of whom have never played with Legos before and 1 who is handicapped, who has some pretty neat ideas. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see em, not sure if I will be judging next weekend or not but if you guys qualify for the Flint competition on the 12th I will look forward to seeing you.