pic: Quick fix

This is 179 putting on a new chain after they broke it the first match of Qualifying. They lost the first match but came back strong and won the regional

The quick turnaround between matches doesn’t allow much time for repairs, does it? They had to use their timeout to make it to QF1-2 with their alliance intact. They sure put on a great show to come back for the win.

I think the time allotment was 4 minutes between matches and a 12 minute time out. But in our case here I think a match happened right after ours. So we waited for that to be over while I was working on it before calling a time out. Then we got another 12 minutes until it had to be on the field and the match started. All together it didn’t seem long. It felt like 15 minutes at the most. It was a bad situation because the way the chain was wrapped up in between 2 sprockets I couldn’t get at the master link to break it. But someone from SPAM (THANK YOU!!) gave me a box with master links and chain in it with a breaker tool. So I broke the chain and pried it out with a screwdriver. But then there were these master links that were too short in width to get the clip on. Adrenaline pumping, hands shaking, somehow squeezed it all together with 0 time left and ran it on to the field for a total stackfest match. This stuff takes good nerves and a strong cardiovascular system. I wonder if they had a defibrillator around? :ahh:

Jeese Ryan you had to take a picture of my Butt

Maybe if you pulled up your pants… :stuck_out_tongue:

All that and it’s hard to tell if you have safety glasses on. Glad you got it done and went on to win.