pic: Quixilver original design

Yes, it used to be a ramp robot!

I am so afraid for those emacs. Practicing driving around an arm robot just a few feet away from computer would make your drivers have to be even more precise. I hope they’re ok, poor little guys.

Why did they get removed? Deployment problems?

I can see it playing out in my head…
“First one to cap an emac wins, first person to mess up capping an emac owes the school $500” sounds fun :eek:

oh come on… have faith in us!! =

i trust our drivers, yes i do. except for when you kind of drove the robot backwards straight into a wall… (but that was because it was just the chassis and the front and back had no difference…)

Exactly, and when they did deploy nobody attempted to get on.

our robot w/o ramps pictured here;