pic: Quixilver without ramps

Quixilver robot with its ramps taken off.

With 6" inch wheels and rebar weights…

yes, exactly “rebar bot”

It looks so… Naked!

I don’t even think I’ve seen your bot with ramps.

I love the Rebar, though.

Might I ask why you went from the 4" wheels to the 6" wheels?

the 6" wheels allowed us to drive up ramps much easier, and of course they increase our speed. =)
i believe we were going around 3fps in first gear and 10 or 11 with 4" wheels, and we had around .5" clearance off the ground but with the 6" wheels the robot got 1.5" clearance off the ground.

but we did save a little weight with the 4", and according to our driver it was a bit easier to drive.

ramp shown here