pic: R6-5ZZ Bearings – 7/8OD X 1/2ID X .2812 – Available From Boca Bearing

I prefer using 1/2" stock for axle shafts, having cut my FIRST teeth in the days before mandatory bumpers, when open wheeled robot to robot contact was the norm.

For '12, we went with an 8wd chassis with a live axle arrangement on our front and back wheels. Axle shafts are supported by a pair of R6-5ZZ’s in a bearing block, cantilevered west coast style and have run without issue. We have used these bearing successfully now since the '10 season.

They can used in West Coast Products Colson Hub or AndyMark’s 375 Bearing Hub (am-0161) to upgrade to 1/2" round shafting for dead axle systems. They are lighter and can be packaged in a smaller envelop than the standard R8 series bearings.

Half the battle during FRC build season is finding where to buy the stuff you need or want to use.

We (WCP) were contacted by George from 2337 (OP) a few months ago and thought this was a great addition to our colson hubs. We will be selling this by next month for around ($5-6).

Thanks George!


Thanks for sharing these bearings and a source for them.

And curse you for it too. I thought I had a good design for our bearing blocks this year and now I come to find out I can use a smaller OD bearing which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process. Thanks for the extra CAD we now have to do :wink: